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PRIA Products Discussion Questions

TIFF-PDF/A White Paper Slides

TIFF-PDF/A White Paper

  1. What are TIFF-PDF/A file formats and who do they affect in the property records community?
  2. What are the pros and cons of using both file formats for property records?
  3. What are the different levels of maturity for both TIFF and PDF/A formats?
  4. How does migration from TIFF to PDF/A work exactly?
  5. What are the considerations needed for migration to another file format and why is it necessary?

eRecording Document Survey Slides

eRecording Document Volume Survey Results (2014)

  1. What did the survey measure exactly?
  2. How many jurisdictions responded to the survey nationwide?
  3. Why didn’t more counties respond to the survey?
  4. Did the survey collect data on all recorded documents as compared to those electronically recorded?
  5. Does the survey capture the models used for eRecording?
  6. Are jurisdictions categorized by size and state?Is this the best breakdown for the results?

eRecording Best Practices Slides

eRecording Best Practices for Recorders

  1. Why was there a need to develop best practices for eRecording?
  2. What exactly are the “10 Best Practices” recommended in this white paper?
  3. Are there other best practices that could/should be added?

eNotarization FAQs Slides

eNotarization Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The goal of this paper is to educate recorders about eNotarization, build confidence in the use of eNotarization and show Recorders what eNotarization will look like when used in their offices.
  2. Discuss the (6) examples of electronically notarized documents.
  3. Discuss both face-to-face and remote electronic notarization.
  4. Discuss both the notary’s and the recorder’s responsibilities when using eNotarization.
  5. Review the paper in your offices and feel free to ask questions of PRIA if needed.

Glossary Slides

PRIA Consolidated Glossary


  1. What is the purpose of having a glossary of terms?
  2. Are there terms you would like to see added to the glossary?
  3. Will there be consistent and regular updates when new terms are used or added to PRIA’s glossary?

Predictable Fees Slides

Predictable Recording Fees Background Paper and Predictable Fees Toolkit

  1. Discuss how the Toolkit will serve as a guide for recorders, lenders, title professionals, real estate agents and other stakeholders who may wish to consider evaluating and establishing some form of predictable recording fee structure.
  2. Discuss actual testimonial experiences and tools to address issues and questions related to implementing predictable recording fees.
  3. Explore how a predictable fee structure could benefit everyone: the recording jurisdictions, the industry partners and consumers.
  4. How can we use the toolkit to educate our community about these changes to our local recording fee structure?
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