Land Fraud Resource Center

Mission Statement:   To provide education and resources for early recognition and reaction to real estate fraud at the local level

Everyone agrees land fraud in all its forms is a problem.   Although some forms of fraud have decreased, others have increased over the past five years.  Consensus within the industry regarding the most effective means of combating fraud is still elusive.

Whose problem is it?  Which segment within the property records continuum is responsible for detecting the fraud?  Is it the financial institution?  The title company?  The settlement servicer?  The recorder?  Or is it everyone’s problem?

PRIA's Land Fraud Resource Center is intended to provide recorders and their business partners with tools, resources and connections that can be used to detect fraudulent activity and protect both home buyers and homeowners.


The resources in this Land Fraud Resource Center are informational and not an endorsement of a particular company or organization.

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