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Awareness Tools for Recorders

There is a mystique about the Recorder’s office. What does the Recorder do? Why do we need a Recorder? When would I need a Recorder? Documents – what documents? Preservation – why?

It’s time to dispel the myths and let the public know exactly what the Recorder’s office does and why it’s important to them, the citizenry.

PRIA produced nine campaigns on the Role of the County Recorder entitled PRIAwareness, all publications are listed below.

To access additional tools for customizing and distribution at the local level, click here or review the “Getting Started” materials found in the right margin.


PRIAwareness Campaign #2 Partnership, Knowledge, Results
PRIAwareness Campaign #3 Advancements in Timelines
PRIAwareness Campaign #4 Protection from Disaster
PRIAwareness Campaign #5 Protecting the Official Land Records
PRIAwareness Campaign #6 Implementing eRecording
PRIAwareness Campaign #7 Building Trust
PRIAwareness Campaign #8 Digitizing Historical Land Records
PRIAwareness Campaign #9 Advancements in Accessibility
PRIAwareness Campaign #10 Looking to the Future


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