Volunteers – At the Heart of Every PRIA Work Product

Without volunteer support from the PRIA membership, the white papers, best practices and standards that the industry relies wants and needs would not exist.  Committee and work group volunteers meet, discuss, outline, edit and ultimately produce PRIA's work products.  Some projects are short-term, taking just a few meetings to develop a work product, while others are in-depth and require a year, or more, to produce. 

Volunteers are needed for both short-term and long-term projects. 

Interested in becoming a PRIA Volunteer (PV)?  There are multiple ways in which to lend your talent and time to PRIA to advance the association’s standard-setting endeavors.

Every PRIA committee and work group welcomes additional volunteers at any point during the year. 

Use the Committee Volunteer Form to indicate your areas of interest.  Click here to fill out the Online Committee Volunteer Form or here to download the PDF version.

If you would prefer to talk directly to the committee or work group co-chairs, you will find their names and Email addresses on the individual committee and work group pages.  Or, call Stevie Kernick, chief staff officer, at PRIA headquarters, 919.459.2081.

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