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Speakers Bureau

Looking for an interesting, informed, educated, experienced speaker for your next meeting, conference or webinar?  PRIA can help you today!

PRIA’s speakers have years of experience in the property records industry, on both sides of the recording counter.  We have experts and thought leaders who can address every issue or concern you have, from both the government and business prospective.

Interested in learning more about eRecording, predictable fees, TIFF-PDF/A, GIS and Land Records, or just getting along better with the "other side" of the recording counter?  PRIA has speakers who have walked the walk and lived the talk.

PRIA’s speakers travel the USA to deliver the message that you are not alone in your concerns for the future of the property records industry, and will provide you and your audience with current insight and education about your attendee’s concerns, as well as answering their questions, with a voice of experienced reason.

To request a PRIA speaker and presentation please complete the application form and submit it to Stevie Kernick, chief staff officer. 

You will not be disappointed; request a speaker today!

PRIA normally addresses these subjects: (This is only a partial list; please let us know if there is another subject you would like to learn about further)

  • What is PRIA anyway?
  • What is PRIA Local and why should you have a chapter in your area?
  • What is eRecording and why is this the direction in which your office should go?
  • What are the Best Practices for eRecording?
  • What is eNotarization and why is it important to the land records industry?
  • What everyone should know about TIFF-PDF/A
  • How can my state develop a predictable fee structure?
  • What you can do to integrate land records with GIS
  • How do I preserve my electronic records?
  • What are the LRMS Best Practices I should follow?

To request a PRIA presentation, complete this application form and submit to Stevie Kernick.

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