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Uniform Numbering Work Group

Recording of documents takes place in approximately 3,600 jurisdictions throughout the United States. Different jurisdictions (primarily but not exclusively counties) have vastly different numbering schemes for their recorded documents – and those numbering schemes most likely changed over the years. Understanding the various numbering schemes over all the years in all the jurisdictions is perhaps impossible.

With the advent of RESPA compliance, the need to exactly identify property is of primary importance. The advantages of a Uniform Numbering System include being able to readily identify the exact location in which a document was recorded, being able to go back in history and make document numbers a consistent pattern/style, allowing the land records software system vendors to provide consistent programming across the country. This standard would not be a mandate. It could be implemented as software systems evolve and conversions take place, which continue to happen.

Recording jurisdictions with proper numbering would allow accurate documentation of fees while getting documents to the right places. The numbering system should cover all counties, cities, towns, parishes, burrows, etc., that record property transactions.

This system would be proposed to states for adoption as “voluntary.”

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