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PRIA Presentations

Presentations from PRIA's current annual conferences are available to members only.  Find a sample of the type of presentations heard at PRIA conferences.

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2015 Annual Conference


Program Description

What’s New in XML V.3 PRIA’s Version 3.0 XML Standard
eRecording Document Volume Nationwide eRecording Survey Update
XML Work Group Version 3 XML Standard - A More in-Depth Review
CFPB Rules Understanding the Impact of The New CFPB Guidelines
eNotary Work Group Update on eNotary Activities and Standards
GIS Work Group Work Group Status and White Paper Outline
Barriers to eRecording eRecording Barrier Overview
Enabling eRecording Overview for Transitioning to eRecording Successfully
Certified Copies PRIA & NACRC Certified Copies Survey Review


2015 Winter Symposium


Program Description

Opening Session Overview of Winter Symposium program, speakers, sessions and sponsors
PRIA First-Timer Primer  How PRIA Works and What PRIA Does
Keynote Address (Doug Duncan) The Economy Drags Housing Upward
PRIA Membership Meeting Membership Meeting Agenda
Land Records Management Systems Business Requirements Work Group's Newest Project
eRecording eXcellence Best Practices Best Practices for Recorders - Final Review
Lunch Speaker (Steve Bisbee) Understanding the Electronic Signature and Records Association
GIS GIS Survey Results
GIS 101 GIS/Land Records Integration - Basic
GIS 201 GIS/Land Records Integration - Advanced
PREP Chapters How To Start a PREP Chapter
XML Work Group Continued Work on the iGuide
Redaction Best Practices Presentation at NACRC Winter Education Conference


2014 Annual Conference


Program Description

Opening Session Overview of Annual Conference program, speakers, sessions and sponsors
PRIA First-Timer Primer How PRIA Works and What PRIA Does

Sierra Club v. Orange Co.

California Public Records Act Software Exclusion
CFPB eClosing Pilot Program
California Bureau of Real Estate Consumer Tips for Preventing Fraud
Foreclosure Legislation National Overview of Foreclosure Legislation
County  Recorders Association of California Legislative Efforts

A look at how CRAC addressed recent legislative issues

Prosecuting Property Fraud Cases

District Attorneys from two California counties address property fraud cases

Sovereign Citizens Information on Sovereign Citizens and the growing anti-government movement
eNotary Work Group Working Session Update
GIS Working Session Update on the activities of the GIS Work Group
GIS for Recorders GIS for Local Government
Modernizing American Land Records Dr. Earl Epstein, author, presents luncheon keynote


2014 Winter Symposium


Program Description

Opening Session Overview of Winter Symposium program, speakers, sessions and sponsors
PRIA First Timer Primer How PRIA Works and what PRIA does

ALTA 2014 National Update

An update on Best Practices, Integrated Mortgage Disclosures and Improving the Closing Process
eNotarization Goals of the eNotarization Workgroup
Fraud Resource Center Education and Resources to help PRIA members recognize and react to real estate fraud on the local level
Dirty Deeds: Helping Victims Fight Property Fraud Everything you need to know about property fraud
Verson 3 XML Standard

A Summary of the workgroup's activities

Property Records Education Partner (PREP)

All about PREP and how to start a PREP Chapter

Keynote Speaker Presentation How to profit from the coming demographic storm


2013 Winter Symposium


Program Description

Opening Session Overview of Winter Symposium program, speakers, sessions and sponsors
First-Timer Breakfast How PRIA works and what PRIA does
Business Requirements Work Group Session Portals White Paper, and Models of eRecording
Technology Committee Overview History of the Technology Committee and future work products
Electronic Signatures and Records Update UETA and eSign - from then until now
eMortgage A background presentation on eMortgage
Title Plants 101 Learn the history of title plants, what they do and why we need them
Getting Started with eRecording A guide to getting eRecording off the ground

Technology Committee - XML Work Group

A summary of the work group's activities with data standards
PRIA- PREP A guide to developing and maintaining PREP chapters for local partners


2012 Annual Conference


Program Description

Opening Session

An overview of the conference, sponsors and programs

MERS Done Right

What’s wrong with the present system of documenting secondary market sales of mortgages, and one view on how to fix it

Title 101

How the title industry functions from search and exam to recording and the claims processes

Sunny Today…Cloud(y) Tomorrow

Understanding the Cloud today and what it holds for the future

GIS - Putting it on the Map

Combining geographic information with land systems information

Redaction Best Practices

A review of the White Paper produced by the Records Protection and Redaction Work Group

There and Back Again – A Document’s Tale

Explore the life cycle of an electronically recorded document

eRecording Implementation Strategies

A step-by-step walk through the eRecording process

eRecording Trends and Practices

Review of current landscape for eRecording and a look into the future

eRecording Across the Country

A look at eRecording adoption around the country

eRecording eXcellence

The state of eRecording across the country and the challenges of adoption

PRIA Annual Business Meeting

Topics covered during the PRIA Annual Meeting in Memphis, including a year-end financial update


2012 Winter Symposium


Program Description

First-timers, Ambassadors

Learn how PRIA functions and gets things done.

Probing the Future of the Property Records Industry - A Land Records Summit

Recording jurisdictions and the mortgage and title industries have faced many challenges since the advent of the foreclosure crisis. Currently, there is increased scrutiny from regulators and multiple proposed solutions from members of Congress, the Federal Reserve, State Attorney Generals and others. It is time for industry stakeholders to "put everything on the table." The session was an open discussion to shape the future of both paper and electronic public land records including such topics as: national registries, barriers to recording real estate transactions, and increasing adoption of electronic mortgages and recording.

Promoting the Recorder's Office

A recap of the program developed by PRIA to educate the general public and industry constituents on the role of the recorder's office.


Dr. Katrin B. Anacker is currently an Assistant Professor at George Mason University's School of Public Policy. Her primary areas of expertise include housing, housing policy, urban policy, race and public policy, real estate markets, statistical methods, qualitative methods, and research writing.

Lending 101

Learn more about the entire continuum of the real estate process starting with the financial institution.  Click here to watch this presentation on YouTube.

Multi-generational Workforces

With every year that passes, the people coming into the workforce are getting relatively younger. From the way they present themselves to what makes them tick requires a new approach to leading and managing the multiple generations currently in the work force. Find out how it can be done!

Land Fraud and Its Impact on the Validity of Public Records

Whose responsibility is it to be sure the recorded documents are accurate? Validity of the records is necessary to maintain the integrity of recorder’s office. Are your records tainted? Would one national recording system make the records more/less secure?

eRecording eXcellence

A continuation of the discussion started in September 2011 at the PRIA Annual Conference, and then at the Minneapolis eRecording Summit. This was a collaborative, thought-provoking session on how to engage and expand eRecording across the country.



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