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Records Access & Privacy Policy

These projects are related to the availability of information about individuals contained in documents filed or recorded with local government agencies.

Social Security Number and Privacy Protection Act (SSNAPP ACT) 07/02/06

Access to and Sale in Bulk of Land Records 03/04/11

Both Federal and State Legislatures are in need of education and information on the public records industry from both a government and business viewpoint. By providing the legislators with correct and complete information from an established Association (PRIA), we hope to enlighten the law makers of the need for public records to remain accessible to the public, at large. This would be accomplished by not only providing material for review including, talking points, White Papers and studies on the industry, but also by making visits to both Capitol Hill, and to individual state capitals to have face-to-face time with these leaders.

How a Bill Becomes a Law in all 50 States

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