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Co-Chairs Responsibilities

PRIA Local Chapter Co-Chairs Responsibilities

A co-chair from the business sector and a co-chair from the government sector will be selected by chapter participants. The co-chairs are not required to be members of PRIA.

Responsibilities of PRIA Local Chapter Co-Chairs:

  • Presiding and/or facilitating at chapter meetings;
  • Scheduling chapter meetings based on the frequency determined by chapter participants;
  • Creating and distributing notices and agendas;
  • Making arrangements for minutes to be taken, transcribed and distributed;
  • Ensuring that chapter participant information is gathered at each meeting, including updating contact information;
  • Promoting chapter participation;
  • Communicating with the PRIA Local National Coordinator;
  • Forwarding meeting schedules, agendas, chapter minutes and participant lists to PRIA Local National Coordinator on a timely basis.

After the PRIA Local Chapter organizational meeting, Co-chairs are to forward the following to the National PRIA Local Coordinator:

  • Chapter name & structure (local, regional, state?)
  • Co-Chairs selected, including contact information
  • Chapter participant names, including contact information
  • Meeting schedule (how often/when will you meet?)
  • Agenda and minutes of your organizational meeting
  • Suggestions, comments or questions from your Chapter

It is important that the co-chairs keep the National PRIA Local Coordinator informed about chapter activities. Any changes in meeting schedules or co-chairs should be reported immediately to the National Coordinator.

Through PRIA, your Chapter has opportunity to receive information concerning national industry standards, adopted or proposed, and materials relating to best practices and model legislation. Program assistance is available covering industry topics such as eRecording, privacy issues, mortgage fraud, federal legislation, TRID, “predictable fees” (flat recording fees), blockchain use in real property records, artificial intelligence, eNotarization and other current items of interest.

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