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PREP Operating Rules

Operating Rules for PRIA Work Group

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The purpose of the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) is to bring together the major participants in the property records industry, including public officials, associations and private concerns, to:

  • Improve communication between industry stakeholders
  • Facilitate recordation and access to public property records
  • Formulate and disseminate model standards, systems and procedures
  • Encourage adoption of model standards
  • Track relevant proposed legislation to facilitate appropriate input
  • Initiate and lead development of technical standards
  • Establish and lead education programs for all sectors of the industry
  • Preserve the integrity of public property records

Pursuant to Article IV Paragraph 16 of PRIA’s Bylaws, the Property Records Education Partners (PREP) has been designated a PRIA Work Group by Resolution of the PRIA Board of Directors. The specific charge given to the PREP is to provide a structure to improve local working relationships, open/enhance lines of communication and expand education opportunities for property records industry participants at the local level.

Because the PREP involves other national organizations recited in the Resolution establishing it as a PRIA Work Group, and also because of the unique educational role envisioned for the PREP Work Group, the following operating rules shall apply to the PREP Work Group in lieu of the standard PRIA Operating Rules:

(1) Local property record industry working groups shall be organized through PREP, for the purpose of developing forums for the exchange of information at the local level. Such local working groups shall be referred to as PREP Chapters.

(2) A PREP Chapter must include at least one PRIA member from the private sector and one PRIA member from the public sector.

(3) A PREP Chapter shall elect from its membership two Chapter Co-Chairs, one each from the public and private sector. The term of office of the Chapter Co-Chairs shall be determined by the Chapter membership.

4) Each PREP Chapter shall determine its own meeting schedule and frequency, as well as its own meeting agendas. Suggested agenda items may be provided by the National PREP Coordinator.

(5) Participation in a PREP Chapter shall not require payment of PRIA membership dues. Additionally, the PREP Chapters may not require payment of PREP membership dues. However, Chapter members may be charged fees by the PREP Chapters to recover specific Chapter costs, so long as the fees have been agreed to by the Chapter Co-Chairs and approved by the National PREP Coordinator.

(6) Each chapter shall provide the National PREP Coordinator with a member/participant list, as well as meeting agendas and minutes on a timely basis.

(7) Each chapter participant shall be provided with, and shall acknowledge receipt of a copy of the PREP Operating Rules.

(8) At least twice per year, or at the request of the PRIA President, the National PREP Coordinator shall render a written report to the PRIA Board of Directors concerning the activities and accomplishments of the various PREP Chapters.

(9) Because of the unique status of the PREP within PRIA, the various PREP Chapters shall be permitted to pursue the following educational functions only:

Provide a structure to improve local working relationships Open/enhance lines of communication between industry stakeholders.

Expand education opportunities for property records industry participants at the local level.

Encourage local adoption of PRIA model standards

(10) Formulation and development of national standards continues to be governed by the standard PRIA Operating Rules and the PRIA Intellectual Property Rights Policy. Accordingly, those functions are reserved to the appropriate PRIA Work Group or Committee and PREP Chapters are specifically forbidden from engaging in these activities.

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