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Real estate transactions are complex, requiring the involvement of many segments of the property records industry. Mortgage bankers, title insurance firms, realtors, appraisers, escrow agents and county officials all play a part in real estate transactions. Serving constructive notice to the public is accomplished through the proper and timely recordation of each transaction by the county recorder or register of deeds.

To ensure quality service and accountability to the home buying public, good communication and interaction must occur between all sectors of the industry. Nationally recognized, the Property Records Education Partners (PREP) provides industry participants the structure to form local PREP Chapters. PREP participants find that relationships are improved between stakeholders and problem solving capabilities are created through a local PREP Chapter.

Recognizing the need and benefits to be derived, a Property Records Education Partners Chapter (PREP) has been organized in (insert name of jurisdiction). The (insert name of chapter) held (or will hold) its first meeting on (insert date) co-chaired by (insert names & titles of co-chairs). The meeting was well attended (or who is invited)) by (insert industry sectors represented, such as county recorders, real estate, title and banking, information technology and data etc.)

The (insert name) PREP Chapter plans to meet quarterly, with its next meeting to be held in (insert date). All members of the property records industry are invited to participate! For more information about the local PREP Chapter, please contact (insert contact person, including e-mail address and/or other contact information.)


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