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Archival, Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Preparedness:  An Imperative for Good Governance
(revised 05/13/2015)

Chapter One:  Asset Management - The Foundation of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Preparedness:  An Imperative for Good Governance

Chapter Two:  Source Document Microfilming

Recording Electronic Images on Roll Microfilm

A Best Practices Paper - Producing microfilm capable of efficient and effective records preservation, and recovery.

Film and Digital Imaging Standards

Worksheets in this Excel workbook contain technical reports, standards and information resources that will be helpful to those who are looking to improve their microfilm or digital imaging processes and procedures. The standards are listed in separate tabs. Click on each to see: the standard number, a brief description, the URL where they can be purchased. 

Microfilm: Disaster Solution or Simmering Disaster?

Presentation by Jim Harper, work group co-chair, at NACRC Annual Conference, July 2011.

Archival, Backup & Disaster Recovery PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation on the state of digital records around the country.

Archival, Backup & Disaster Recovery Committee - Analysis of Storage Media

Archival, Backup & Disaster Recovery - Analysis of Storage Media




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