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Mission Statement

The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) develops and promotes national standards and best practices for the land records industry:

PRIA strives to achieve its mission by:

  •         Identifying appropriate opportunities for collaboration among industry stakeholders
  •         Developing recommendations for standards and best practices
  •         Encouraging and supporting the adoption of such standards and practices
  •         Providing a clearinghouse for property-records-related information
  •         Educating members, industry stakeholders and the public about the property records industry


PRIA Members' Agreement to

Intellectual Property and Antitrust Terms and Conditions

1.            Copyright License

a.            To the extent that a member contribution is or may be subject to copyright, member grants:

i.             PRIA an unlimited perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free (RF) world-wide right and license to copy, publish and distribute the contribution; and

ii.            PRIA Members an unlimited perpetual, non-exclusive, RF world-wide right and license to prepare derivative works based upon the contribution for purposes of developing standard work products.

iii.           PRIA permission to reference the name(s) and address(es) of the contributor(s) and of the organization(s) member represents (if any).

b.            Member acknowledges that PRIA has no duty to publish or otherwise use or disseminate any contribution.

2.            Disclosure of Patents

a.            Member shall notify PRIA board if member knows or reasonably should know of patent holdings and applications of member organization that may likely be infringed by the implementation of a PRIA standard work product adopted or under development.  Members shall not file patent applications based on improvements or refinements to subject matter considered for inclusion in a PRIA standard work product.

3.            Antitrust

Member acknowledges that:

  • Any discussion that could or would violate any state or federal antitrust law is prohibited;
  • He or she must refrain from such discussion; and
  • PRIA, at any PRIA event, meeting or gathering, may prohibit discussion of any specific topic that could or would violate state or federal antitrust laws at any PRIA event, meeting or gathering.



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