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The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) is an idea: the idea that, within the property records industry, government and business can work together, with mutual respect, to address issues of common concern in the world of property transactions. 

PRIA was created based on the concept of “round table” discussions, where participants from all industry segments come together as equals to openly discuss issues relevant to the property records industry and develop best practices and standards for the industry.

For nearly three centuries, no forum existed to foster understanding and cooperation between the government and business sectors of the property records industry, at either the local or national levels.  An urgent need for a means to coordinate complex challenges emerged.  Business was frustrated by an inability to get documents recorded quickly and efficiently.  Government was frustrated by its inability to improve efficiency and customer service through use of new technologies because of a lack of funding.  To make matters worse, with no national standards in place, state legislatures were adopting widely differing requirements applicable to property transactions, hampering the growing nationalization and globalization of property financing and ownership.

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