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PRIA Business Membership – What’s in It for Me?

Most businesses are looking for the Return On Investment (ROI) before they make a commitment to buy, to grow, to hire or to join.  An evaluation of potential results just makes good business sense.

With that in mind, here’s what you can expect, for ROI, from your PRIA membership:

  • Develop new customer contacts and build industry relationships  - NETWORK
  • Facilitate the creation of industry standards - CONTRIBUTE
  • Identify industry direction and trends – LEAD
  • Reduce costs for your operation – SAVE

PRIA is not your typical trade association but, instead, focuses its resources on defining standards and practices for the land records industry.  For this government – business partnership to be effective, it takes contributions from all sectors of the industry, including title underwriters, aggregators and agents.

Look at the overview of the Membership Levels below to determine the Business Sector Membership that works best for your company and your pocketbook. Click here to read the full membership descriptions.

Business Sector Membership Packages

  • President’s Circle $10,000
    • Includes unlimited Associate Memberships
    • Three comp registrations to each conference
    • Complimentary monthly webinars
  • Platinum Level $6,000 (national business associations included)
    • Includes unlimited Associate Memberships
    • Two comp registrations to each conference
    • Complimentary monthly webinars
  • Gold Level $3,000
    • Includes unlimited Associate Memberships
    • One comp registration to each conference
  • Bronze Level $600 (state business associations included)
    • Includes two (2) Associate Memberships
    • Reduced registration fees for each conference
    • Complimentary monthly webinars
  • Limited Access $200
    • Generally organizations with five or fewer employees
    • Complimentary monthly webinars

International Property Records Professionals
Private sector businesses from the international community with an interest in keeping abreast of property records news and information in the United States, may join PRIA as Limited Access Members.



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