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Government Sector


An individual or representative of an organization, whose primary business is to provide processes or services relating to recording conveyance of property, taxing property, recording liens on property and providing public access to such records. The rights of Regular Members include:

  • The right to hold office as an officer or director
  • The right to vote on any matter brought before members
  • The right to serve as member of designated committees or work project teams
  • The right to participate in professional benefits
  • Such other rights & privileges as granted by Board
Associate Member
An assistant or staff member of a Regular Member.
  • May be a member of designated committees or work project teams
  • Such other rights and privileges as granted by Board
Limited Access Member – Non Voting

Any government agency, organization, or association whose primary purpose is not substantially involved directly in the processes or services as defined under Government Regular Member, but who is indirectly related to the activities of Government Regular Members.

  • Must be comprised of predominately government personnel
  • Can participate on committees or work projects
  • Such rights and privileges as granted by Board

International Property Records Professionals
Public officials from the international community with an interest in keeping abreast of property records news and information in the United States, may join PRIA as Limited Access Members.


For additional information, please contact:

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