Sample Agenda

Organizational Meeting

Host(s) Name(s) & Location

Date & Time

Welcome, Registration & Refreshments

Introduction to PREP, its purpose & mission

Facilitated discussion – Current issues & matters of mutual concern such as legislation, processing problems, etc.

Discussion – Communications and networking capabilities can be improved at the local level through participation in PREP Chapter

Discussion – How industry standards and educational efforts can be addressed more effectively through PREP Chapter programs

  • Moving forward as a PREP Chapter
  • What should the Chapter be called?
  • Who will serve as Co-Chairs?
  • How often and when will you meet?
  • Where will you meet - rotating hosts?
  • Next meeting host, date, location & time
  • Agenda item suggestions
  • Assignments


Congratulations, your PREP Chapter is on its way!

Please report back to the National PREP Coordinator.

Chapter Regular Meeting

PREP Chapter Name

  • Date & Time
  • Hosted by
  • Meeting location address

Registration, Welcome & Introductions

Brief review of prior meeting & approval of minutes

Presentation and/or facilitated discussion on:

  • Industry Local & State Issues *
  • Sharing of information/handouts

* Topics are identified or suggested by chapter participants. New and/or innovative processes, transaction problems and state legislative initiatives, are some of the items you would include here.

Presentation and/or facilitated discussion on:

  • Industry National Issues *
  • Chapter questions, concerns and suggestions for submission to Property Records Industry Association (PRIA)

* Suggested national topics and pertinent information are provided to chapters on the PREP web page.

Plans for chapter next meeting:

  • When
  • Where – Host
  • Suggested agenda items
  • Assignments


Note: PREP Chapter agendas and minutes are posted (by state) on the PREP web page at Please e-mail yours for posting, on a timely basis, to the PREP National Coordinator at

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