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Version 3.3 / XML Implementation Guide

The eRecording Implementation Guide for the version 3.3 MISMO standards has been under further review. This document defines the business use cases addressed by the technical overview, and key concepts and overview of the version 3 Reference Model. Sample XML snippets are provided with an explanation of the contents for each required structure of the request and response. A migration section highlights key new concepts and differences between the version 2 and version 3 XML schemas, and a soon-to-follow transformation guide will document the exact schema changes between each or the three XML versions will bring clarity to the change.  Click here to download the latest version of the iGuide.

We encourage your participation in this continuing work product to refine the services and data definitions needed for eRecording services in the 3.x reference model. If you are interested in seeing what PRIA is working on in regards to version 3.x or would like to participate in our work group calls and projects, please contact Valerie Sprague.

Alliance Partner Link

An important aspect of PRIA’s work is to develop standards in partnership with other standard setting bodies, so as to provide as much interoperability as possible.  Take a moment to visit our partner and look into the important work each of them is doing      

MISMO – The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization


 Compliance Policy Reminder

After discussing the idea of a Compliance Testing Engine during the 2006 Winter Conference, the PRIA Technology Committee and XML Work Group reached consensus on developing a Compliance Policy Statement rather than establishing a full-featured Compliance Testing program at that time.  While a Compliance Testing Engine remains under consideration, the Compliance Policy Statement currently governs activities in this area.

The Compliance Policy Statement addresses both marketing claims and software solicitation documents and provides safe-harbor guidelines as well.

As always, if you are interested in participating in the ongoing work of the PRIA XML projects, please contact Nancy Sotomayor or Marlys Gardner. The work team meets via conference call on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at Noon Eastern. For additional information regarding these calls, please contact Valerie Sprague.

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