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Get involved with Property Records Industry Association ( PRIA), is a standard setting organization for the land records industry that provides lenders with an opportunity to utilize the power of collaboration in advancing the knowledge that, when combined with action, produces the ability to improve accuracy, decrease rejections and improve turn-around time in the recording of real estate documents.

How Can Lenders Benefit?

  • Decreased document rejections
  • Improved document recording turn-around time
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced compliance

It’s a fact. Requirementsto do more with less are constants in the property records industry. Through PRIA membership, lenders have the opportunity to participate in the creation of progressive standards that benefit the real estate industry.

What Does PRIA Do?

  • Develops eRecording XML standards in alliance with MISMO
  • Drafts White Papers
  • Initiates Model Legislation
  • Provides a forum for industry participants to discuss issues

All provide the platform for a better, faster and more consistent property records industry.

Professional camaraderie abounds in PRIA – not only are relationships developed with government sector customers, but lenders and other business leaders meet together to discuss common issues and develop potential solutions to their problems.

Industry Best Practices are developed and continually updated as technology evolves and new partners participate in discussions. The only thing at risk is the status quo.

PRIA members are on a continuous quest to drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout the property records industry.

Through PRIA membership, lenders have the opportunity to participate in the creation of progressive policies that can benefit the real estate industry overall.

What’s the Value?

  • Conferences:

PRIA conference working sessions provide great discussion, great relationships and great solutions to industry challenges.

“The significant benefit I realized from attending the recent Winter Conference was the progress that is being made by PRIA around electronic recordings.  I also think that it is beneficial to understand the various issues facing the county recording agencies and the steps that they are taking to keep access to their records public while protecting the privacy of certain information.  There are many instances where we, as a lending institution, can be aware and help out.”

Melissa Cassity,
Unit Leader for Collateral Perfection Services,
Wachovia Bank – Retail Credit Services

  • Communication:
PRIA ’s “In Touch” bi-weekly eNewsletter provides members with timely information on industry events, while “For the Record” quarterly newsletter provides in-depth analysis of industry issues.

“ PRIA provides timely, relevant information regarding property records standards and technology.”

Jan Clark,
Ernst Publishing

  • PREP:
The Property Records Education Partners provide locally what PRIA provides nationally - experts working together to create a better property records industry.

“PREP Chapters put us all on the same team - working to serve our customers better, faster and more effectively.”

Ardis Schmitt,
PREP Coordinator

  • Networking:

The value I realize in belonging to PRIA is the opportunity to exchange progressive ideas with so many forward-looking industry experts.  The enthusiasm for seeking to eliminate traditional obstacles in a collaborative setting among recorders, lenders and members of the title industry is refreshing and constructive.  We have already found opportunities for recording economies that have translated into hard dollar savings in excess of $10 million annually!” 

Richard Bramhall,
senior vice president, chief title officer
Bank of America Consumer Real Estate Settlement Services

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