Notary Essentials Work Group Project

The Notary Standards and Principles document was originally issued in June 2002, just after the passage of UETA and ESIGN and before the adoption of URPERA. At that time, few counties were recording documents electronically and notary laws had not yet been amended to include electronic notarization. We are now at the 10th anniversary of UETA and ESIGN, the 1982 Uniform Law on Notarial Acts has undergone extensive revision and is awaiting NCCUSL and ABA approval, and over 500 counties in 35 states report that they are now recording documents electronically. PRIA has reached the point at which the need for a revised Notary Standards and Principles document is critical.

The outcome of this project is a revised “Essential Notary Standards and Principles in the Recording Process” document that recognizes and accounts for changes in notarial laws, best practices, rules and regulations over the last eight years.

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