Membership Marketing Committee

The Membership Marketing Committee is responsible for developing the marketing communications strategy for PRIA from both a membership and public perspective, and for retaining and recruiting new PRIA members.  The Membership Marketing Committee will report to the Board of Directors.  


  1. Track membership renewal and recruitment on a monthly basis, developing programs to enhance membership value and recruit new members.
  2. Review and update the PRIA marketing plan on an annual basis.
  3. Oversee the committee’s work groups.

“Being a member in this organization means being engaged in the emerging trends and technological advances in the world of eRecording.  Whether you are a recorder or service provider, you will benefit from learning about new standards and participating in the standards setting process.  I participate in PRIA to get connected and to develop true partnership with others in the industry.”

Charlie Epperson - SigniaDocs Inc.

“PRIA membership has been a valuable tool for me in my position as chief deputy of operations in the Davidson County's Register of Deeds Office.  I have used the knowledge and the industry contacts available through PRIA to improve the processes in my office and help others in my state understand the benefit of the PRIA standards."

Kim LeGate – Davidson Co. TN

To talk about the PRIA benefits or join this committee, contact Kim LeGate at  615.862.6790 or Charlie Epperson at 832.813.8428.

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