Press Releases

Current Press Releases for the last four months are listed below. For Archived Press Releases click here.


Member Releases
Towns of Canton and Ledyard, CT Begin eRecording with Simplifile (08/25/2015)
Peoria County, IL Starts eRecording with Simplifile (08/19/2015)
Dunn County, WI Begins eRecording with Simplifile2 (08/18/2015)
Houston County, MN, Begins eRecording with Simplifile (08/11/2015)
Simplifile Announces eRecording in Kiowa County (08/10/2015)

Indecomm Global Services Licensing Specialist Rebecca Warfel Joins NMLS Group (08/05/2015)

Albemarle Circuit Clerk (VA) Introduces eRecording for Constituents (08/03/2015)
Town of New Milford, CT, Enables eRecording (07/29/2015)
Atchison County, MO, Begins eRecording (07/24/2015)
Cook County, IL, Now eRecording (07/23/2015)
Cooper County, MO, Begins eRecording (07/22/2015)
Becker County, MN, Starts eRecording (07/21/2015)
Five More Georgia Counties Enable eRecording (07/16/2015)
Mortgage U Presents Free Webinar on TRID (07/13/2015)
Douglas County, WI, Now eRecording (07/10/2015)
Hood River County and Wasco County in Oregon Enable eRecording (07/08/2015)
Crawford County, AR, Begins eRecording (07/07/2015)
Putnam County, FL, Starts eRecording (07/02/2015)
Six New Counties Begin eRecording (07/02/2015)
Four New Counties Enable eRecording (07/01/2015)
CSC Seeks Nominees for its 2015 eRecording All-Star Awards (06/29/2015)
Simplifile Announces Simplifile Cares Program with Habitat for Humanity (06/26/2015)
Clark County, WI, Now eRecording (06/20/2015)
Pennington County, MN, Begins eRecording (06/19/2015)
Sampson County, NC, Starts eRecording (06/18/2015)
San Diego County, CA, Adopts eRecording (06/11/2015)
St. Lucie County, FL,  Begins eRecording (06/10/2015)
San Diego County, CA, Details eRecording Practices (06/10/2015)
Town of Sharon, CT, Starts eRecording (06/08/2015)
Ionia County, MI, Begins eRecording (06/03/2015)
Simplifile Announces New Collaboration and Post Closing Services (05/28/2015)
Indecomm Passes 800 County Milestone (05/27/2015)
Cass County, MI, Now eRecording (05/27/2015)
Watonwan County, MN, Starts eRecording (05/15/2015)
Washington Parish Gains Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity (05/13/2015)
Fairfax Co., VA, Begins eRecording (05/12/2015)
Otsego Co., NY, Now eRecording (05/11/2015)
Indecomm Learning Selected as a 2015 Training Outsourcing Watch List Company (05/08/2015)
Orange Co., NY, Begins eRecording (05/08/2015)
Indecomm Technology Partners with Software Outsource Provider SerpicoDEV (05/07/2015)
Hardin Co., IA, Starts eRecording (05/07/2015)
Boone Co., IL, Now eRecording (05/01/2015)
Woodbury Co. Gains Disaster Preparedness and 24/7 Search for Constituents (04/30/2015)
Town of Salem, CT, Starts eRecording (04/30/2015)
Town of Columbia, CT, Adds Online Access to Town Records (04/27/2015)
Thomas Co., NE, Now eRecording (04/29/2015)
Surry Co., NC, Implements eRecording (04/22/2015)
Town of Salem, CT and York Co., NE, Now eRecording (04/20/2015)
Indecomm Global Services Honored (04/17/2015)
Madison Co., NY, Now eRecording (04/16/2015)
Gentry Co., MO, Starts eRecording (04/16/2015)
King George Co., VA, Now eRecording (04/10/2015)
Shelby Co., MO, Now eRecording (04/08/2015)
Grundy Co., IL, Implements eRecording (04/07/2015)
Three More Nebraska Counties Begin eRecording (04/03/2015)
PRIA Releases
Morrisville, N.C. - PRIA Announces Two Ernst Scholarship Awards
Morrisville, N.C. - PRIA Announces Approval of eRecording Best Practices (05/28/2015)
Morrisville, N.C. - Iowa Announces 100 Percent of Recording Jurisdictions Now eRecording (04/28/2015)
Morrisville, N.C. - Board Approves Indexing Best Practices Paper (04/27/2015)


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