Press Releases

Current Press Releases for the last four months are listed below, for Archived Press Releases click here.


Member Releases
Watonwan County, MN, Starts eRecording (05/15/2015)
Washington Parish Gains Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity (05/13/2015)
Fairfax Co., VA, Begins eRecording (05/12/2015)
Otsego Co., NY, Now eRecording (05/11/2015)
Indecomm Learning Selected as a 2015 Training Outsourcing Watch List Company (05/08/2015)
Orange Co., NY, Begins eRecording (05/08/2015)
Indecomm Technology Partners with Software Outsource Provider SerpicoDEV (05/07/2015)
Hardin Co., IA, Starts eRecording (05/07/2015)
Boone Co., IL, Now eRecording (05/01/2015)
Woodbury Co. Gains Disaster Preparedness and 24/7 Search for Constituents (04/30/2015)
Town of Salem, CT, Starts eRecording (04/30/2015)
Town of Columbia, CT, Adds Online Access to Town Records (04/27/2015)
Thomas Co., NE, Now eRecording (04/29/2015)
Surry Co., NC, Implements eRecording (04/22/2015)
Town of Salem, CT and York Co., NE, Now eRecording (04/20/2015)
Indecomm Global Services Honored (04/17/2015)
Madison Co., NY, Now eRecording (04/16/2015)
Gentry Co., MO, Starts eRecording (04/16/2015)
King George Co., VA, Now eRecording (04/10/2015)
Shelby Co., MO, Now eRecording (04/08/2015)
Grundy Co., IL, Implements eRecording (04/07/2015)
Three More Nebraska Counties Begin eRecording (04/03/2015)
Boone Co., IL, Enables eRecording (03/25/2015)
Two New North Dakota Counties eRecording Enabled (03/25/2015)
Coos Co., OR, Now eRecording (03/25/2015)
Nevada Expands eRecording in Lander County (03/24/2015)
ALTA Announces New Elite Provider (03/19/2015)
Minnesota Expands eRecording in Otter Tail and Norman Counties (03/17/2015)
DeKalb County Begins eRecording (03/13/2015)
Duchesne County Is Now eRecording (03/10/2015)
Town of Bridgewater To Join Portal for Online Access to Town Records (03/10/2015)
Otter Tail County is Now eRecording (03/10/2015)
Norman County Is Now eRecording (03/06/2015)
Phelps County Clerk Begins eRecording (03/05/2015)
Bergen County, Bristol Fall River, and York County are Now eRecording (03/04/2015)
Town of Old Lyme Latest To Join CT Town Clerks Portal for Online Access to Town Records (03/03/2015)
Venango County Begins eRecording (03/03/2015)
eRecording Expanded to Island County (3/2/2015)
Town of New Milford is Now eRecording (02/27/2015)
Town of Windsor is Now eRecording and Grand Traverse is Now Accepting Deeds (02/26/2015)
eRecording Announced in Hanover County (2/26/2015)
Hanover County is Now eRecording (02/23/2015)
IAOP Selected New Organization for Leaders Category (02/23/2015)
All Massachusetts CountiesAre Now eRecording (02/23/2015)
Seminole County Starts eRecording (2/19/2015)
Oswego County, NY Begins eRecording (2/13/2015)
Steele County Is now eRecording (2/12/2015)
Madison County Clerk Adopts eRecording for Land Records (2/11/2015)
Michigan Expands eRecording in Lake County (02/09/2015)
Town of Windsor Adopts eRecording for Land Records (02/04/2015)
Lake County Is now eRecording (02/02/2015)
Dukes County, Frontier County, and Meeker County Are now eRecording (01/30/2015)
Sandoval County, NM is Now eRecording (01/28/2015)
Town of East Hampton Starts eRecording (01/27/2015)
Oswego County Will Soon Adopt eRecording (01/26/2015)
Learning Division Named to (01/26/2015)
Hailstone Honored by MISMO (1/26/2015)
Georgia Expands eRecording in Fannin and Upson Counties (01/23/2015)
Refugio County is Now eRecording (01/22/2015)
Iredell County Takes Steps to Help Keep County Residents Safer (01/21/2015)
Umatilla County Adopts eRecording (01/15/2015)
Grundy County is now eRecording and Waseca County is Now Accepting Deeds (01/14/2015)
Carson City, NV is Now eRecording (01/14/2015)
Clerk of Court Brings the Cloud to Beauregard Parish (01/13/2015)
Union County, IN is now eRecording (01/08/2015)
Marion County, FL is now eRecording (01/07/2015)
eRecording to Expand in Missouri (01/07/2015)
Curry County, NM is now eRecording (01/06/2015)
Stevens County, Wash., Begins E-recording (01/06/2015)
Cumberland County, NC is now eRecording (01/02/2015)
PRIA Releases
Morrisville, N.C. - Iowa Announces 100 Percent of Recording Jurisdictions Now eRecording (04/28/2015)
Morrisville, N.C. - Board Approves Indexing Best Practices Paper (04/27/2015)
Morrisville, N.C. - Massachusetts Achieves 100 Percent Mark (02/27/2015)
Morrisville, N.C. - Board Approves Redaction Best Practices Paper (12/14/2014)
Morrisville, N.C. - eRecording Counties Top the 1,200 Mark (11/10/2014)
Morrisville, N.C. - Two Ernst Scholarships Awarded (07/22/2014)


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