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Member Releases
Indian River County Announces eRecording Services (07/21/2014)
eRecording Expanded to Catawba and Nash Counties (07/19/2014)
Grundy County Begins eRecording (07/18/2014)
Stutsman County Office Is Now eRecording (07/15/2014)
eRecording Now Available in MN, OH, PA and GA (07/10/2014)
Jackson County and Berkely County are Now eRecording (07/18/2014)
Town of New Hartford Is Now eRecording (07/16/2014)
Goodhue County Begins eRecording (07/15/2014)
Randolph County Begins eRecording (07/14/2014)
Hardin County Adopts eRecording Technology (07/10/2014)
New Mexico Expands eRecording in De Baca County (07/09/2014)
Jackson County Announces eRecording (07/03/2014)
York County Expands eRecording (07/02/2014)
Knox County Registry of Deeds Begins eRecording (06/30/2014)
Kalamazoo County Announces New eRecording Technology (06/27/2014)
Oconee County Begins eRecording (06/26/2014)
eRecording Now in Green County Now Available (06/23/2014)
Rockingham County and Johnson County are Now eRecording (06/20/2014)
City of Hartford Records First Electronic Document (06/19/2014)
Oconee County Clerk's Office is Now eRecording (06/18/2014)
Seeking Nominees for 2014 eRecording All Star Awards (06/17/2014)
Richardson County Begins eRecording (06/12/2014)
eRecording is Now Available in Franklin County (06/09/2014)
Keya Paha County Is Now eRecording (06/06/2014)
Green CountyIs Now eRecording and Weld County is Accepting Additional Document Types (06/05/2014)
Okfuskee County Begins eRecording (06/05/2014)
Clinton County Starts eRecording (06/04/2014)
Indiana Expands eRecording in Greene, Owen and Washington Counties (05/30/2014)
Clinton County Clerk's Office Is Now eRecording (05/30/2014)
Jackson County Recorder's Office is now eRecording (05/29/2014)
Owen County, IN, and Grand Forks County, ND, are Now eRecording (05/29/2014)
eRecording Now Available in Counties in IL, MA and MI (05/28/2014)
Town of Kent, CT and Lexington CountyAre now eRecording (05/23/2014)
Cross County Begins eRecording (05/23/2014)
eRecording Now Available in Texas County (05/22/2014)
Yellow Medicine County Recorders's Office Is Now eRecording (05/21/2014)
eRecording Now Available in Hampshire and Berkshire North Counties (05/20/2014)
Skamania County Adopts eRecording Service (05/16/2014)
Swift County Recorder's Office is Now eRecording (05/15/2014
eRecording Now Available in Ramsey County, MN (05/12/2014)
eRecording Now Available in the Following States: CT, IN, KS, MI, and MT (05/09/2014)
Cross County, AR, and Beltrami County, MN, are Now eRecording
Town of Bristol, CT, Now eRecording (05/06/2014)
City of West Haven Clerk's Office Is now eRecording (05/06/2014)
Coventry Town Clerk Begins eRecording Land Records (05/02/2014)
Official Records System Is Now Live in Putnam County (05/01/2014)
Warrick County Recorder Begins eRecording (04/30/2014)
Grundy County Clerk Now Providing eRecording (04/28/2014)
Ramsey County Now eRecording (04/25/2014)
Kingfisher County Now eRecording (04/22/2014)
Florida Expands eRecording in Citrus and Hernando Counties (04/17/2014)
Wakulla County Clerk's Office Implements Official Records System (04/17/2014)
Town of Coventry Is First to eRecord in Tolland County (04/17/2014)
Town of Coventry and Yuma County are Now eRecording (04/16/2014)
Connecticut Expands eRecording in Towns of West Hartford and Stonington (04/16/2014)
Teton County Clerk's Office Is Now eRecording (04/15/2014)
Chautauqua County Is now eRecoring (04/11/2014)
Ventura County Recorder's Office Is now eRecording (04/11/2014)
St. Lawrence County Clerk Begins eRecording (04/11/2014)
Town of Glastonbury Announces eRecording (04/11/2014)
Eastland County Clerk's Office Is Now eRecording (04/09/2014)
Pembina County Begins eRecording (04/10/2014)
Medina County Launches eRecording (04/09/2014)
Morton County Register of Deeds Now eRecording (04/08/2014)
Hamilton County Recorder's Office Is Now eRecording (04/04/2014)
Armstrong County Recorder Announces eRecording (04/04/2014)
Hernando and Phillips County Now eRecording (04/04/2014)
Marion County Recorder Implements eRecording Technology (04/03/2014)
Kalkaska County Register of Deeds Now eRecording (04/03/2014)
Georgia Expands eRecording in Floyd County (04/02/2014)
PRIA Releases
Morrisville, N.C. - Two Ernst Scholarships Awarded (07/22/2014)
Morrisville, N.C. - Alaska Confirms 100 Percent Engagement (01/30/2014)
Morrisville, N.C. - Models of eRecording White Paper (10/15/2013)


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