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Member Releases
Medina County Launches eRecording (04/09/2014)
Morton County Register of Deeds Now eRecording (04/08/2014)
Armstrong County Recorder Announces eRecording (04/04/2014)
Hernando and Phillips County Now eRecording (04/04/2014)
Marion County Recorder Implements eRecording Technology (04/03/2014)
Kalkaska County Register of Deeds Now eRecording (04/03/2014)
Georgia Expands eRecording in Floyd County (04/02/2014)
Trego County Register of Deeds Begins eRecording (03/31/2014)
Washington County and Montezuma County are now eRecording (03/31/2014)
Hardeman County Implements eRecording Technology (03/28/2014)
Harrison County Judicial Districts Kicks Off eRecording (03/27/2014)
Town of Bristol Clerk's Office is now eRecording (03/26/2014)
Hamilton County Begins eRecording (03/24/2014)
Counties in New York, Oregon, and Kansas now eRecording (03/21/2014)
Online Case File Collaboration Approved (03/21/2014)
Ontario County is Now eRecording (03/21/2014)
eRecording Expanded to Craven and Halifax Counties (03/20/2014)
Niagara County and Pembina County are Now eRecording (03/20/2014)
Hendricks County Implements eRecording Technology (03/18/2014)
Dolores County and the Town of Stonington are now eRecording (03/14/2014)
Marion County Recorder of Deeds Office is Now eRecording (03/13/2014)
Thayer County Register of Deeds Office is Now eRecording (03/11/2014)
St.  Louis County Now Accepting More eRecorded Document Types (03/10/2014)
Mineral County Clerk and Recorder's Office is Now eRecording (03/07/2014)
Livingston County Register of Deeds Office is Now eRecording (03/06/2014)
Mobile County eRecords First Document (03/06/2014)
Mobile County Probate Court is Now eRecording (03/05/2014)
Cimarron County Starts eRecording (03/03/2014)
Four New Counties Now eRecording (02/28/2014)
La Porte County Recorder goes Digital with eRecording Service (02/28/2014)
eRecording Expands to Hunterdon County (02/26/2014)
Three New Michigan Counties Are Now eRecording (02/26/2014)
Installation of Official Records System in St. Johns County (02/26/2014)
Sherman County Starts eRecording (02/22/2014)
Langlade County Register of Deeds Begins eRecording (02/21/2014)
Wakulla County Clerk and Recorders Office Announces Signed Agreement (02/21/2014)
Washita County Begins eRecording (02/19/2014)
Lakawanna County Register of Deeds Now eRecording (02/18/2014)
Town of Westport Begins eRecording (02/17/2014)
Nelson County Recorder's Office Now eRecording (02/14/2014)
Perry County Implements eRecording Technology (02/13/2014)
eRecording in Gray County Now Available (02/12/2014)
Major Enhancement to eRecording Application (02/12/2014)
Oregon Expands eRecording in Linn County (02/11/2014)
New Castle County Now eRecording (02/11/2014)
New Castle County Records First Electronic Document (02/10/2014)
YourDox Preferred Vendor Agreement (02/07/2014)
Otoe County Register of Deeds Office is Now eRecording (02/07/2014)
Nancy Alley New Vice President of Strategic Planning (02/05/2014)
Wisconsin Expands eRecording in Barron County (02/03/2014)
Federal Appeals Court Affirms Ruling (02/04/2014)
Nemaha County Register of Deeds  Now eRecording (02/01/2014)
PRIA Releases
Morrisville, N.C. - Alaska Confirms 100 Percent Engagement (01/30/2014)
Morrisville, N.C. - Models of eRecording White Paper (10/15/2013)
Morrisville, N.C. - PRIA Board Members Officers Elected (09/06/2013)
Morrisville, N.C. - Milestone Announced for eRecording (09/05/2013)


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