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Archival, Backup and Disaster Recovery 
Disaster Preparedness: An Imperative for Good Governance
Chapter Two: Source Document Microfilming
Archival, Backup & Disaster Recovery Committee, Progress Report #1
Our committee is currently addressing the preservation of recorded permanent records that result from real property transactions.
Film and Digital Imaging Standards
The standards are listed in separate tabs. Click on each to see: the standard number, a brief description, the URL where they can be purchased, and the last date checked for a revision date.
Microfilm: Disaster Solution or Simmering Disaster?
Presentation by Jim Harper, workgroup co-chair, at NACRC Annual Conference, July 2011.
Recording Electronic Images on Roll Microfilm, A Best Practices White Paper
As electronic imaging technology has replaced microfilm systems, new methods of recording images on microfilm have emerged.
Archival, Backup & Disaster Recovery Committee, Consolidated Standards and Best Practices Workbook
The worksheets in this Excel workbook contain technical reports, standards and information resources that will be helpful to those who are looking to improve their microfilm or digital imaging processes and procedures.
NARA Word of the Week Series
National Archivesand Records Administration, July 2013
Asset Management - An Imperative for Good Government, Chapter One, REVISED
Archival, Backup and Disaster Recovery Work Group, May 2015
Chapter One of the Disaster Preparedness series, revised in May 2015
Microfilm for Land Records
November 2016
Chart of states and microfilm practices
Are Land Records Permanent
August 2018
Chart of all 50 states and the statutes referencing permanent status of land records.
Business Processes and Procedures 
Article Nine, Recorders
Business Processes & Procedures, December 1998
Indexing Grantor/Grantee
Standards Committee, February 2002
Grantor/Grantee Indexing Appendices
Standards Committee, February 2002
Model Statute Military Discharge
Business Processes & Procedures Committee, February 2003
First Page Indexing Requirements
Kathi Guay, Darren Ross, March 2005
How To Get Ready for eRecording - Recorders' Guide
Business Processes & Procedures Committee, July 2009
How To Get Ready for eRecording - Submitters' Guide
Business Processes & Procedures Committee, July 2009
The Eathern Vessel
March 2010
eDocument Index Data
Business Processes & Procedures Committee, April 2012
Recording Jurisdiction Identifiers
Uniform Numbering Work Group, October 2012
RJID Numbers by Jurisdiction
RJID Code, Recording Jurisdictions, Codes, September 2015
Real Estate Document Formatting
January 2016
Real estate document, document formatting
Sample Chart A - Determining Predictable Recording Fees
January 2017
An excel spreadsheet (A) to gather data for analyzing the effects of predictable recording fees.
Sample Chart B - Determining Predictable Recording Fees
January 2017
An excel spreadsheet (B) to gather data for analyzing the effects of predictable recording fees.
PIN Requirement Survey
January 2019
Conference Presentations 
Opening Session
August 2014
CRAC Advocacy SB 391
August 2014
Modernizing Land Records
Earl Epstein, August 2014
GIS for Recorders
August 2014
GIS Program
August 2014
GIS 101 - GIS/Land Records Integration
GIS Work Group, February 2015
GIS 201 - GIS/Land Records Integration
GIS Work Group, February 2015
The Economy Drags Housing Upward
Doug Duncan, February 2015
PRIA Membership Meeting Agenda
PRIA, February 2015
PRIA First-Timer Primer
February 2015
Electronic Signature and Records Association
Stephen Bisbee, February 2015
PRIA GIS Survey Slides
GIS Work Group, February 2015
How To Start a PREP Chapter
Carolyn Ableman, February 2015
XML Work Group - 2015 Conference Session
XML Work Group, February 2015
Land Records Management Systems - 2015 Conference Session
Business Requirement Work Group, February 2015
Redaction Best Practices - NACRC 2015 Conference Presentation
Records Protection and Redaction Work Group, February 2015
PREP - Redaction Best Practices
Records Access and Privacy Policy Committee, May 2015
2016 Annual Conference - Cybersecurity
Tom Clerici, Freedom Mortgage, August 2016
2017 Winter Symposium - Business Meeting
February 2017
A State of the Association address by President Mark Ladd.
eRecording eXcellence 
eNotes Are Legal
Indian River County Hosts eRecording Expo
December 2015
Indian River County, FL, hosted an eRecording Expo in November 2015
eRecording Document Volume Survey - 2016 Results
August 2018
2016 eRecording data based on survey of all eRecording counties.
Governance Documents 
PRIA Style Guide
December 2014
Operating Rules
Governance Committee, September 2018
PRIA Glossary & Acronyms
March 2019
PRIA Consolidated Glossary of commonly used terms relating to property records.
Notary Acknowledgement Expectations (by state)
June 2011
Chart of state notary acknowledgement expectations published in 2011.
Notary Best Practices
Notary Taskforce, March 2012
Notary Best Practices for Recordable Documents "best practices" described in this paper are for notaries who handle recordable documents and for commissioning authorities who appoint, oversee and discipline notaries. PRIA also strongly encourages statutory support of notarial principles and practices that ensure the integrity of the real property conveyance process.
Real Property Law and Legal Issues 
Uniform ElectronicTransactions Act
Uniform Law Commission, August 1999
Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
Uniform Law Commission, August 2004
PRIA Position Paper on URPERA
URPERA Work Group, October 2005
URPERA Enactment and eRecording Standards Implementation Guide
January 2006
The Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (URPERA) provides you with a legislative option to enable eRecording in a way that results in adopting standards that meet the needs of your state and locality and, at the same time, that are consistent with those used in other states.
Centralized Lien Processing Guidelines
Internal Revenue Service, January 2006
Centralized Lien Processing Feedback
Internal Revenue Service, January 2006
URPERA State-by-State Guide
Real Property Law and Legal Issues Committee, March 2015
Best Practices for Certifying Copies for Land Records
Certified Copies Work Group, March 2016
A set of Best Practices for Certifying Copies for Land Records.
State Statutes Research - Certified Copies
March 2016
Research of state statutes as a precursor for drafting best practices for certifying copies for land records.
Records Access and Privacy Policy 
Included access to bulk records, redaction and privacy policy, legislator education
Access to and Sale of Records in Bulk
Bulk Records Access Work Group
This paper exams the history and practices of providing access to, and the sale in bulk of, land records in the United States. Land records are considered a sub-set of public records.
Social Security Number and Privacy Policy Model Act
Records Access and Privacy Policy Committee, July 2006
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Records Access & Privacy Policy Committee, May 2013
Learn how a bill becomes a law in all 50 states.
Redaction Best Practices
December 2014
GIS and Land Records Integration Facts
GIS Work Group, March 2011
Facts about integrating land records and GIS
eRecording Models, Continum, Profiles
Technology Committee, Business Requirements Work Group, April 2015
Technology Fund Fees
April 2018
Updated 04/07/2018
Technology Standards and Supporting Documentation 
eRecording Business Requirements
PRIA Business and Technical Requirement Work Group and MISMO
Describes the business requirements to allow for the eRecording of electronic recordable instruments in common electronic document formats such as MISMO SMART Doc®, eSigned PDF and Adobe Intelligent Document Format, and Microsoft® Word with embedded-XML.
Portals White Paper
Business Requirement Work Group
This paper is intended to reach an audience that includes Recorders, Submitters, and those aspiring to create an eRecording portal. This paper will cover a variety of topics including desirable characteristics for not only the private eRecording portals, but the intergovernmental eRecording portals, as well as various structures for eRecording portals themselves.
Models of eRecording - A Continuum of eRecording
PRIA Technology Committee Business Requirements Work Group
The evolution from three models of eRecording to a continuum of models

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