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Technology Standards and Supporting Documentation 
Archival, Backup and Disaster Recovery 
Governance Documents 
  • PRIA Project Request Form
  • PRIA Strategic Planning
    Author: Board of Directors

    2013-15 Strategic Plan initiated in October 2012 and finalized in April 2013.

  • How an Idea Becomes a PRIA Standard
  • PRIA Copyright Notice FINAL
  • PRIA Copyright Notice for DRAFTS
  • PRIA Cover Page for DRAFTS
  • PRIA Work Product Development and Approval Process
  • PRIA Cover Page FINAL
  • PRIA Bylaws
eRecording eXcellence 
Business Processes and Procedures 
Records Access and Privacy Policy 
Included access to bulk records, redaction and privacy policy, legislator education
  • Notary Best Practices
    Author: Notary Taskforce

    Notary Best Practices for Recordable Documents "best practices" described in this paper are for notaries who handle recordable documents and for commissioning authorities who appoint, oversee and discipline notaries. PRIA also strongly encourages statutory support of notarial principles and practices that ensure the integrity of the real property conveyance process.

  • Notary Acknowledgement Expectations (by state)

    Chart of state notary acknowledgement expectations published in 2011.

    June 2011
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